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A RAW file is like a negative. RAW files contain all of the data that was collected by your digital camera's sensor when you took a photo. If you tried to view a RAW file without processing, it would appear almost completely black. It is therefore necessary to process your RAW files to produce a photo.

ACDSee Pro offers a new RAW processing engine providing improved Color, Contrast and Exposure. ACDSee Pro also emulates Pro 3's pipeline for RAW images developed in Pro 3 or earlier versions.

You can use Develop and Edit mode to select exposure, color, and image sharpness settings for your RAW files. You can select and save unique settings for each RAW file, or you can select and save generic settings as presets. If you save generic settings as presets, you can apply those presets to numerous RAW files using the batch tool, or by going to Manage mode, and selecting Tools | Process | Apply Preset and then selecting a preset.

You cannot change your original RAW files permanently. The RAW files remain intact after processing to preserve all the data captured by your camera. The processing settings that you select for a particular image are saved to the XMP file of the RAW, and associated with the image in the database.

Jan 31 2013 2:43PM